Kendal & District Angling Club

Club Rules



1. Poachers shall not be admitted.


2. Any person expelled shall not be re-admitted for one year, or at the discretion of the committee to whom they must re-apply.


3. Any person found transferring their membership will be expelled. (The ticket is not transferable),


4. Members must refrain from doing any calculated act to injure the banks of waters, fences or crops near to and must not enter any hay grass 5” and over, unless there is a well defined footpath.


5. Members must in every way possible protect and give all necessary assistance to riparian owners and their property.


6. Dogs shall not be permitted with members whilst fishing.


7. Use of firearms, transistor radios and causing annoyance to fellow anglers is prohibited.


8. Any litter must be removed after fishing including fishing line. Any member offending shall forfeit their membership card.


9. Boats are not permitted except by prior committee approval.


10. Members making charges against other members and not proving same, or bringing Officers and Committee into contempt, or circulating statements detrimental to the club as a body shall be dealt with by the Committee even to expulsion.


11. Should the club at any time cease to exist, all residual monies shall be donated to the Anglers Trust


12. No species shall be taken away from Club waters unless authorised by the Committee (see specimen rules).


13. No fish to be introduced to the Club waters without the authority of the Committee.


14. No person shall fish with more than two rods at any given time. This does not preclude an angler from having more than two rods set up at his/her peg but no more than two of these must be in use at any given time.


15. No angler shall fish less than 15 metres away from any other angler except with their permission.


16. Camping and lighting of fires is prohibited.


17. Children up to the age of 16 years to be accompanied by an adult.


18. Barbless hooks only to be used.


19. Keepnets only to be used in approved matches.


20. Only approved means of parking and access to be used. Gates must be closed at all times.


21. No lure fishing/spinning or drop shotting at Banks Pond or Atkinsons Tarn.